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This weekend they celebrated the Bite Con at Los Angeles. Although Tyler and Dylan are not part of the guests, the actors, scriptwriters and Jeff Davis have talked about them and their characters. Here’s what they said.


  • Gideon Emery (Deaucalion) compared Stiles with one of the Hugh Grant’s characters, because he’s charming and goofy .
  • Seth Gilliam (Deaton) liked the bromance between Scott and Stiles.
  • A fan asked Orny Adams (the coach) which character looks like. He said he looked like Derek because he is not afraid to tell people to shut up.
  • Orny: “You all spend too much time talking on twitter about how cute is Dylan.”
  • Orny said he and Dylan have great chemistry, and Dylan has chemistry with everyone.
  • Orny : “I don’t know. Dylan and I have not really seen ‘our stuff’. Maybe he’s an XXL”.
  • Orny said that last week was filming a scene with Dylan in which he was “acting like a fool again,” and the coach replied “You’re not attractive enough to be so stupid.”
  • Orny read aloud a piece of a fanfic: “Derek did a backflip off the renovated Hale house to become Stiles ” and then comment: “I’m not drunk enough for this.”
  • Eaddy Adams (Victoria Argent): “Someone should write a fanfic about Derek with a bow tie.”
  • Eaddy was wearing a t-shirt saying “I got bit by Derek Hale and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”.
  • While Haley Webb (Jennnifer Blake) made the elevator monologue, Hoechlin spent the whole time nodding and encouraging her.
  • In a desert island Posey would eat Hoechlin as he reminds him of the chicken wings with so much muscle.
  • Posey and Hoechlin have another scene as mentor/apprentice between Derek and Scott in the fourth season. They recently filmed a great scene between them.
  • Posey and Dylan did stupid things with the snow and ice of Atlanta.
  • Keahu (Danny) believes that Danny is in love with Stiles.
  • Posey and Dylan wrote Jeff to do a body swap episode, but told them no.
  • Posey wants a body swap episode between Stiles and Scott. Keahu says that Danny has to change the body with Derek.

Scriptwriters and Jeff:

  • As a screenwriter has said, we will know more about the history of the Hales in the fourth season.
  • The other scriptwriters, apart from Jeff, don’t know the Stiles’ real name.
  • The scriptwriters have said that in the episode of Echo House, Stiles saw his mother, but the scene was deleted.
  • Nobody has signed for 7 seasons and have plans in case the actors have other projects.
  • If Jackson had returned one of the alphas would have killed him. So he should have sided with Derek or Scott.
  • In the episode the asylum, Jeff wanted someone there to bond with Stiles.
  • How old was Derek when he was with Kate? Jeff says it was not an under-age.
  • He spoke of destroying the loft in this season.
  • Jeff does not know Derek’s age.
  • Jeff has suggested an online version of “Nice Day for Derek.”
  • Social networks are what keep the series alive.
  • Eric, the new scriptwriter, has made new Derek’s storyline for the fourth season.
  • He had not realized how much the fandom liked Derek.
  • Not planned yet what will happen in the fifth season.
  • He has thought of a Spin-Off called Beacon Hills, about a young Derek and the Hale family.
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Os traemos el proyecto que hemos organizando entre Holland Roden Spain, Crystal Reed Spain, Ian Bohen Spain, Teen Wolf Spain y Hoechlin O’Brien Spain para crear un fanbook dedicado a la serie Teen Wolf y entregárselo a los invitados de la Wolf Moon Con, que se celebra los días 19, 20 y 21 de Septiembre de 2014 en Madrid, gracias a Zarata Events.

Los invitados firmarán una copia del fanbook, el cual sortearemos, y a ellos les entregaremos otra copia traducida al inglés.

El fanbook consistirá en la opinión de los fans acerca de la serie, los actores y los personajes más principales, y lo dividiremos entre secciones:

La serie:

  • ¿Por qué os gusta?
  • ¿Cómo y por qué empezásteis a verla?
  • Escena y temporada favorita.


  • ¿Qué personaje os gusta más y por qué?


  • ¿Qué os gusta más y por qué?


  • Dibujos, cartas y fotos que queráis hacerles llegar.


La opiniones que nos mandéis tendrán un límite de entre 100 y 150 palabras por sección, las cuales tendréis que enviar a este email: fanbookwolfmoon@gmail.com.

La fecha límite será el 15 de Agosto.

Entre todas las respuestas seleccionaremos las más originales. Podéis enviar vuestras opiniones tanto en español como en inglés, nosotras ya nos encargaremos de traducirlo.

No hace falta asistir a la Wolf Moon Con para poder participar.




We bring you the project we organized between Holland Roden Spain, Crystal Reed Spain, Ian Bohen Spain, Teen Wolf Spain and Hoechlin O’Brien Spain to create a fanbook dedicated to the Teen Wolf series and give it to the guests of the Wolf Moon Con, which takes place on 19, 20 and 21th of September in Madrid, thanks to Zarata Events.

The guests will sign a copy of the fanbook , which we’ll raffle , and we will deliver them another copy translated into English.

The fanbook consist of the opinions of the fans about the show, the actors and the main characters, and is divided between sections:


  • Why do you like it?
  • How and why you started to see it ?
  • Scene and favorite season.


  • Which character do you prefer and why?


  • Which actor do you like most and why?


  • Drawings, letters and photos for the actors.


The opinions will be limited to between 100 and 150 words per section, which you’ll have to send to this email: fanbookwolfmoon@gmail.com.

The deadline is August 15 .

Among all responses will select the most original. You can send your opinions both in Spanish and English, and we will take care to translate them.

Needless attend the Wolf Moon in order to participate.

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Bienvenidos a Sterek Hobrien Source, tu primer recurso en español e inglés dedicado a Tyler Hoechlin Dylan O’Brien, y la ship de sus personajes en la serie de MTV Teen Wolf.

Aquí podréis encontrar toda la información, entrevistas e imágenes. ¡No dudes en visitarnos cada día!

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